Weekend Reading List #33 – Week of 8/10

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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This is a series of articles from Otávio Santana about Micronaut. This article will guide us to build a Micronaut application with JPA and PostgreSQL.


For The Record

Sirisha Pratha wrote a nice article to explain about Records. The article is full of examples and will help you understand this amazing new feature from Java 14.


Since We Are Talking About Records…

Functional transformation of immutable objects is a great article from Brian Goetz where he presents how functional transformation can bring changes to Records (and Classes).



This is not an article, just a very short video (seconds), that shows a little bit of “joy” of using Quarkus. Gunnar Morling demo how easy is to add Swagger UI support using Quarkus dev mode without the need to restart your application.



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Clean Architecture

O Devs JavaGirl BR é um grupo de mulheres que trabalham com Java. Elas tem um canal no YouTube com conteúdo de technologia, desenvolvimento pessoal, soft skills e muito mais. No mais recente vídeo, Paula Santana recebeu Mônica Ribeiro que deu uma aula sobre Clean Architecture.


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