Weekend Reading List #32 – Week of 8/3

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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Spring Boot on GCP

The NYJavaSIG will host a hands-on workshop with Ray Tsang on August 12th. The workshop will teach 5 different ways to run your application on Google Cloud. Spots are limited. Run to the NYJavaSIG website and secure your spot.



Ricardo Ferreira presented at the BigData Conference. The title of his talk is Everything you wanted to know about Apache Kafka (but were afraid to ask). You can watch the presentation here.


Project Loom

Interesting article from Alexander Zakusylo where he presents a benchmark using Loom’s virtual threads.


How To Scale Your Application With Spring Boot and RabbitMQ

Creating scalable applications is mandatory. But do you know how to do it? Otávio Santana wrote to InfoQ and presented an easy way to create scalable applications using Spring Boot and RabbitMQ.


Preview Features

Recently Oracle is making extensible use of preview features to test new ideas and see how the community reacts. But do you know how Oracle gathers feedback on them? Are you aware of preview, experimental, and incubating features? If you answer no for any of the questions, you’ll like this article from David Delabassee.



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Docker em 30 minutos

Ótimo vídeo do Elder Moraes onde em 30 minutos, ele explica o básico de containers e claro, Docker!


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