Weekend Reading List #34 – Week of 8/17

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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The NYJavaSIG group will host a live and free event on August 26th with Cesar Hernandez and Rafael Guimaraes. They will present “Keeping Brazil’s Medical Industry Safe with MicroProfile”.  To register access NYJavaSIG website.

SpringBoot on GCP

This is an amazing tutorial from Ray Tsang that covers different ways to deploy your application to GCP including AppEngine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Cloud Shell, and Compute Engine.



Another tutorial, this time about Kubernetes. David Syer talks about Kubernetes and how to use it with your SpringBoot project.


JDK 16  – Records And Pattern Matching For InstanceOf

Johan Janssen covers some of JDK’s 16 features. It should bring the final release of Records and the new pattern matching for instanceOf operator.


Microservices Security Patterns

Matt Raible discusses the eleven patterns and best practices for securing your microservice architectures. The article can be seen here.


How To Speak

This is a very good video from Patrick Winston. It’s a must-read if you’re a speaker or planning to become one.


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