Weekend Reading List #31 – Week of 7/27

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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Azure Pipelines for Absolute Beginners

Mike Pfeiffer gave an intro to Azure Pipelines, where he discusses the basics of Azure pipelines and shows how to deploy an application to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). The video is available on Youtube.


3 Mistakes Java Developers Make that Cause Bugs and Stress

Another video from Rafael del Nero where he comments about the 3 mistakes Java developers make that cause bugs and stress.


Eclipse Collections

Article from Vladimir Zacharov where he shows Eclipse Collection support for indirect sorting of primitive lists.


Spring Data, R2DBC, Transactions, etc.

In the last installment of Bootiful Podcast, Josh Long talked to Mark Paluch, Spring Data lead. They discussed everything related to reactive and data.



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SouJava – Evento em comemoração aos 25 anos do Java

O SouJava vai organizar um evento gratuito entre os dias 3 e 6 de Agosto para celebrar os 25 anos do Java. Esse evento, totalmente online, conta com diversos tópicos e palestrantes. Clique aqui para se inscrever.



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