Weekend Reading List #24

Hello Java Community.

– Only education can change the world.

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This is a nice 7 part series from Aurélie Vache about Istio. The first one of the series can be accessed here.



Rafael Benevides presented at JavaDay Lviv about Kubernetes for Java and Docker Developers. The full presentation is available on YouTube.



Class Data Sharing (CDS) helps reduce startup time and memory footprint between multiple JVM’s. In the article Building Class Data Sharing with Apache Maven, Gunnar Morling explains more about CDS, the recent changes to the JVM, and how you can manually and with Maven build CDS archives.


The State of Developer Ecosystem

The State of Developer Ecosystem 2020 is a nice report from JetBrains, with almost 20,000 developers that show the trends around tools, programming languages, and technologies.


Java Challengers

Java Challengers is a series of videos and articles from Rafael DelNero with a lot of content around the Java language and career.


Bonded Context and Microservices

Alberto Brandolini wrote an article that tries to explain the relationship between bounded context and microservices.



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