Weekend Reading List #23

I can’t breath – George Floyd.

This week all the posts are from the Black Community #BlackTechTwitter

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Building Scalable Microservices API

This is the title of the talk from Jyrone Parker at APIDays San Francisco. The video that explains how to do the right way since the beginning can be seen here.


Machine Learning

Kesha Williams is a great professional with a focus on ML and Java. She recently wrote a blog that explains how to use AWS Deep Composer to Create a Music Genre Model with Your Own Data.


Developer Experience, PaaS, and Testing in Production

Kelsey Hightower participated in the Ambassador Livin’ On The Edge podcast where he shared his experience on Developer Experience, Paas, Testing, and more.


Apache POI

Every developer I know had at least once a requirement to read or write data to Excel. In a post from Angie Jones, she’ll explain How To Use Apache POI to Read  Excel Files.


Smart Light Widget

This is a very cool project from Byron Jenkins, where he teaches how to build a desktop app that can control your smart lights.



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Eclipse MicroProfile

Artigo do Marco Ferreira, que explica como usar Eclipse MicroProfile para Construção de Microserviços com Java


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