Weekend Reading List #25

Happy Thursday Java community. I hope you enjoy this week’s suggestions.

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JSR381 – Visual Recognition For Java

The NYJavaSIG group hosted an event yesterday with JSR381 Spec Leads and contributors. The goal of the JSR is to provide a Java-friendly ML API. The video can be seen here.


Sealed Classes

Sealed Classes, that will be introduced on Java 15, are a special type of class or interface that restricts which other classes or interfaces may extend it. This article from the Java Language Architect Brian Goetz, explains what Sealed Classes are and how they can be used.



Picocli is a Java library to create command-line applications. In this article from Vijay, you’ll learn how to create a simple app using Picocli.


Public Speaking

Very interesting article from Barry Cranford. With the title, The 10 things I’ve learned from speaking to the experts on why you should consider speaking at events, give you enough reasons to start with public speaking


Java + Spark on Dataproc

I’m a big fan of Apache Spark. In this article from D Baah, he demonstrates how to run a Java 11 Spark job on Google Cloud Dataproc.


Eclipse Collections – FlatCollect

Alex Goldberg recently contributed to Eclipse Collections by implementing a FlatCollect for primitives. FlatCollect acts by flattening a collection of collections. The full article that explains the use of FlatCollect on EC can be read here. By the way, if you’re looking to start contributing to OSS, Eclipse Collections is a great place. The community involved in EC is very welcoming.



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Arquitetura Serverless

Novo podcast no ar. O Sem Servidor é um novo podcast criado pelo Evandro Pires da Silva. O primeiro episódio faz uma Introdução a arquitetura serverless.


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