Weekend Reading List #22

The last post of May brings to you more content to keep yourself up to date with the Java world.

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Maven is a very popular tool. You probably use it or used it in the past. But how deep is your Maven knowledge? Chandra Guntur wrote a series of blog posts that explain in-depth this popular tool. The first blog of the series you can find here.


Low-Latency Java Systems at Massive Scale

This is the recording of the NYJavaSIG event on 5/27 with Simon Ritter and Denis Magda where they discussed how to architect low-latency systems using Azul JVM’s and Apache Ignite. Video is available on Youtube.


Java Features That We Love

To celebrate Java’s 25th anniversary, Trisha Gee posted a video with Java Features We Love. Lamdas, Records, Streams, JUnit. What’s your favorite feature?


Google Cloud Functions For Java 11

It’s still Beta, but Google Cloud Functions now supports Java 11. With Functions, you can run your code locally or in the cloud without provisioning servers, and they will scale automatically depending on your load. To understand better Google Cloud Functions this article from Ray Tsung and Guillaume Laforge


Liskov Substitution – The “L” in the SOLID Principals

SOLID is an acronym for five principals of Object-Oriented design. The “L”  in the list, Liskov Substitution says that “Objects in a program should be replaceable with instances of their subtypes without altering the correctness of that program”. It seems complicated, but this video from CodeShallWe makes it easy to understand.


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