Weekend Reading List – 19th ed

Mid May and still cold at the West Coast! Looking for warmer days ahead.

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Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches

This post from Martin Fowler discusses existing patterns for managing source code branches. What are the cons and pros of each one? Is there a best pattern?

Eager is Easy, Lazy is Labyrinthine

You may know the difference between lazy and eager, but do you really understand it? Have you looked at their implementations? Donald Raab, between his coffee cups, wrote a nice article that will look dive into some details of lazy and eager algorithms.


Life After Java 8

Java 8 was a great release with great features. But Java 14 is already out there while half of the world is still using Java 8. So what now? Trisha Gee discusses how is Life After Java 8. What changed? Should we update?


How Big Should Microservices Be?

Watch this short video from Sam Newman where he gives his input about Microservices size. How many can you manage?


Two ways to use Gson for JSON in Java is the title of the article written by Matthew Gilliard where he discusses tree model and data binding approaches.



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E se alguém já tiver resolvido seu problema?

Esse é o título do artigo do Victor Osório explica um pouco o que são os Design Patterns e como todo desenvolvedor pode se beneficiar deles.


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