Weekend Reading List – 20th ed

Edition number 20 is out! Thank you for reading. And thanks to all of you who send suggestions of articles. Keep them coming.

If you want to see your article featured here, reach out to me on Twitter or here on the blog.


Spring Security for N00bz

Mark Heckler is a great person and an amazing professional. Last December he presented Spring Security for Noobz to the Bulgarian JUG.



Love it or hate it, Local Variable Type Inference exists since Java 10. If you want to know more about var, check out Donald Raab (last?) article, Var me a River


Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection is a key piece of the JVM. If you want a short and great reading to understand some of the fundamental aspects of GC, you must read Ben Evans’s latest article, Understanding Classic Java Garbage Collection.



Testing Automation Beyond Java 8 by Angie Jones discuss how features after Java 8 can be used for test automation.


Spring Data MongoDB Reactive

Intro to Spring Data MongoDB Reactive and How to Move It to the Cloud is the article from Otávio Santana that shows how to use Spring Data Reactive repositories with MongoDB.


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