Weekend Reading List – 18th ed

May is already here. A third of the year is gone and I hope from now on things get better.

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GCP Secret Management

Learn from Seth Vargo, how to use GCP Secret Management to integrate with GitHub Actions, Terraform and Spring Boot


Reactive Systems

This article from Grace Jansen has a nice summary of resources to get you started with Reactive Systems.


Mastering Maven

We all know that we should use “mvn verify” instead of “mvn clean install” right Andres Almiray? But if you really wanna know Maven, then this series of articles is what you’re looking for.


Git Git Git

Lydia Hallie wrote a simple and very well explained article on Useful Git Commands



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Detalhes sobre a classe Date

Achas que sabes tudo sobre a classe Date? Que tal dar uma conferida nesse artigo que o Sergio Lopes escreveu com detalhes sobre ela?


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