Weekend Reading List – 17th ed

Java community. This is edition 17th of my suggested articles to help your development.

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Java Objects Inside Out

With this title, Aleksey Shipilëv explains on this very technical article, everything you want to know about How the hotspot deals with internal object layouts.


IntelliJ Live Templates

This is one of the favorite features from Intellij of developer advocates. In this video from Mala Gupta, you will learn everything you need to know about it.


Free Java Course

Interested in a career change? Want to learn Java? Angie Jones just made available her Java Programming Course completely free.


GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions help you to automate your software development workflow. Todd Sharp wrote a nice piece on Getting Started With GitHub Actions.



Did you hear about Quarkus? Want to get started but don’t know how? Take a look at this article from InfoQ that Roberto Cortez wrote.



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TDC BH – Online

Ótima oportunidade para aprender novas (e velhas) technologias e fazer networking. O evento ocorre entre 23 e 25 de abril e tem organização da Yara Senger e do Bruno “BR Java Man” Souza. Inscrições e informações no site do TDC



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