Weekend Reading List – 13th ed

Hello, Java community. Hope you and your family are safe. Today Friday, the 13th edition of the weekly list is out!

Send over your reading list, article or video if you want to see it featured here. You can reach me on Twitter or here on the blog.

Real-Time Java Profiling

In another article from Michael Redlich where he interviews, Ben Evans from NewRelic and chats about real-time java profiling

It’s time to move to Java 11

Otávio Santana discuss in this article to DZone, the need for current Java 8 users to begin migrating to Java 11

Spring Boot on GCP

Sergio Felix wrote an article to InfoQ that explains how to deploy Spring Boot to GCP. Learn Spring Boot + Spring Cloud GCP + Jib + Skaffold + Cloud Code to help you develop microservices on GCP and Kubernetes.

And more Spring Boot

This article from Javarevisited has 10 Advanced Spring Boot Courses for experienced Java Developers

Java ML

JavaVisRec or #JSR381 is a standard high-level Java API friendly for basic machine learning, image classification, and object recognition. Get started with the Amazon and object recognition implementation. Check out the project Github repository.


Você tem sugestão de artigos em Português? Gostaria de ver seu artigo divulgado aqui no blog? Envie sua sugestão pelo Twitter ou pelo blog.

Certificação AWS

O Vinicius Senger postou um vídeo que mostra como se preparar para certificação AWS Cloud Practitioner


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