Weekend Reading List – 12th ed

Past days have been a challenge for everyone. Hope you and your family are safe.

Send over your reading list, article or video if you want to see it featured here. You can reach me on Twitter or here on the blog.

Java 14 is out

Java 14 is out. There are so many cool features. I’m very excited about Records. Documentation, release notes, download and more can be seen here.

Spring Live

Since we’re heavily working from home, Spring is running a 24hour FREE online event on March 19th and 20th. You can register at https://connect.tanzu.vmware.com/Spring_Live.html

State of Java

After analyzing tens of millions of VMs, Ben Evans wrote this nice article to present some interesting metrics about Java adoption and use.

COVID-19 – The choices we make

This is a non-technical article from Don Raab. It’s a nice reading where you’ll understand more about COVID-19 and how our choices affect others.



Você tem sugestão de artigos em Português? Gostaria de ver seu artigo divulgado aqui no blog? Envie sua sugestão pelo Twitter ou pelo blog.

GraalVM and Quarkus

O Marco Ferreira escreveu uma série de artigos falando um pouquinho do GraalVM e os benefícios do Quarkus ao utilizá-lo.


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