Weekend Reading List – 14th ed

Hello, Java community. This is edition 14th of the weekend reading list. I hope you enjoy! Stay safe.

Send over your reading list, article or video if you want to see it featured here. You can reach me on Twitter or here on the blog.

Azure + Spring Boot

Check out this great tutorial from Julien Dubois that will teach you how to use Azure Spring Cloud to Deploy Spring Boot Microservices.


Rafael Benevides wrote a simple article that will help those how are Starting with Cloud-Native applications.

Getting started with Spring Boot

Billy Korando wrote, what I hope to become a series of articles about Spring Boot. The (first?) article teaches how to create a few HTTP GET methods.


Quarkus on OpenJ9 is the topic of the video created by Sebastian Daschner, where he discusses the benefits of running Quarkus on JVM mode.

Java 14

Java 14 Makes Code Super Expressive is the title of this article where great members of the community as Venkat Subramaniam, Jeanne Boyarsky, and Mani Sarkar give their opinion on the benefits of the new Java version.


Pluralsight is a great platform with thousands of courses online. During April you can have access to all areas of the site for free.


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