On February 19-21 I’ll attend my first #devnexus. I’m very excited about one of the best conferences around the year. I’ll be with my fellow friends from @nyjavasig at the JUG Leaders Summit. Meeting so many smart, dedicated people that contributed so much for the #java ecosystem makes me very happy. I can’t say how much @nyjavasig is important in this step. Because of this amazing community, which I’m now part of, I came to know so many people and work to make #java accessible to everyone. Sharing knowledge with others is a satisfying talk. Every person we help is a victory. After the conference, you can expect one or a few blogs about the conference.

But why DevNexus? With over 2400 attendees and more than 150 sessions, the conference offers everything you could ask for. The best professionals, the creators, and maintainers of some of the best tools available, leaders of JUG from all around the world. What are you waiting for? Late tickets are available until February 5th.

#sharingIsCaring #devnexus #nyjavasig


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