Weekend Reading List – 5th ed

Welcome back. Today we’re posting the last suggestions for January. Enjoy our #weekendReadingList and share with us your articles and what you have at your reading queue.

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Spring Boot

Spring Boot version (2.3.0.M1) has new features that can help you can package your application into Docker images. Phillip Web demonstrates how it can be done in this article.

In this video, Matt Raible demo how to create Reactive Java Microservices with Spring Cloud Gateway


Have you ever questioned what are the Qualities of a Highly Effective Architect? In this video recorded at Devoxx Belgium, Venkat Subramaniam give his point of view of what makes a good software architect.

Memory Management

In this series of articles, Deepu K Sasidharan discusses concepts of memory management in modern languages.

Artigos em Português (Articles in Portuguese)

Você tem sugestão de artigos em Português? Gostaria de ver seu artigo divulgado aqui no blog? Envie sua sugestão pelo Twitter ou pelo blog.


Neste artigo, Rafael Del Nero lista os 11 Erros que desenvolvedores Java cometem quando usam Exceptions

Happy learning!


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