Weekend Reading List – 6th ed

February is here and we’ll continue to suggest content for you to consume over the weekend. Send over your reading list, article or video if you want to see it featured here in the blog. You can reach me on Twitter or here on the blog.

Spring Boot and RabbitMQ

In this article, Richard Seroter writes about quorum queues and how to use it with Spring Boot

Microservices x Monoliths

Mike adds more fuel to the “war” between microservices and monoliths in his article, Forget Microservices, Monoliths Are the Way Forward.

Java Collections

Are Java Collections outdated? In his most recent article, Java Streams are great but it’s time for better Java Collections, Donald Raab explains what Java Collections is missing today and brings a better alternative.

Test Containers

If you want to learn how to get started with Spring Boot Integration Testing using TestContainers, then Siva has it nicely wrapped up.

What should I learn in 2020?

Not sure about what to study in 2020? 10 Things Java Programmers Should Learn in 2020 from Javarevisited will give you a hand.

Artigos em Português (Articles in Portuguese)

Você tem sugestão de artigos em Português? Gostaria de ver seu artigo divulgado aqui no blog? Envie sua sugestão pelo Twitter ou pelo blog.


Quer saber mais sobre Kafka? Este artigo do Victor Osório, “Entendendo o Kafka” é uma ótima leitura.

Happy learning!


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