Weekend Reading List #51 – Week of 12/14

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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NYJavaSIG event

The last NYJavaSIG event of 2020 was a big success. Nate Schutta presented Evolving to Cloud-Native and you can find the recording on the NYJavaSIG YouTube channel.


Data Science

Yes, it’s possible to do data science with Java. The article from Mathijs Vogelzang shows how.


Micro Frontends

Scaling your micro-frontends is the title of the presentation that Luca Mezzalira gave at QCon London


JPMS And Layrry

Video presentation from Andres Almiray where he demonstrated how to  build modular JavaFX applications with JPMS and Layrry


Writing Skills

Article from Stephanie Morillo list 5 Ways Software Developers Can Improve Their Writing Beyond Blogging


Jlink And AppCDS

Smaller, Faster-starting container images with jlink and AppCDS is the title of the article from Gunnar Morling


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