Weekend Reading List #50 – Week of 12/7

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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NYJavaSIG event

Registration is open to the next NYJavaSIG event. It will take place on December 15th with Nate Schutta on Evolving to Cloud-Native and you can register at the NYJavaSIG website


Java Records

This article discusses Java Records, serialization, marshaling, and validation – Frank Kiwy



Continuous Blue-Green Deployment with Kubernentes – Tomas Fernandez


Hiden Classes

What are hidden classes in Java 15?Vipin Sharma


Project Loom

Project Loom and structures concurrencyCay Horstmann



Maximizing Performance with GraalVMThomas Wuerthinger



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Técnicas para performance e escalabilidade de microserviços é o artigo do Henrique Leite



Ooops…errei no git é um ótimo artigo do Daniel Wildt sobre erros comuns no Git e soluções para os mesmos.



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