Weekend Reading List #36 – Week of 8/31

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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NYJavaSIG 25th Anniversary

Reserve the date. The NYJavaSIG will host an amazing event on September 23rd to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The group was founded in 1995 by Frank Greco and it’s the oldest JUG in the world. The event will host some of the biggest names in the Java world. Stay tuned on NYJavaSIG Twitter account for more information.


Great video from Josh Long with everything you need to know to start using RSockets.

Thread Behavior in the JVM

The JVM does what it wants to do, so how can you predict the order of thread execution? Rafael Del Nero answers this question and many more in his article about threads.


Continuous Delivery

Explaining the Benefits of Continuous Delivery to your Manager is a high-quality video from Dave Farley where he details the impact of Continuous Delivery to your organization.



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Spring Boot RESTfull API

Série de artigos da Mariana Azevedo que detalha REST API’s. O código está disponívesl no Github e o primeiro artigo da série podemos ler aqui.


Como Escalar Sua Aplicação Spring Batch

Excelente artigo da Giuliana Bezerra que explica as diferentes técnicas para escalar uma aplicação Spring Batch.



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