Weekend Reading List #35 – Week of 8/24

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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The NYJavaSIG group hosted a free event on August 26th with Cesar Hernandez and Rafael Guimaraes. The video of the presentation “Keeping Brazil’s Medical Industry Safe with MicroProfile” can be seen at the NYJavaSIG YouTube channel.

JUnit 5

Another great video from Trisha Gee. In this one, she demonstrates How to Write Test With JUnit 5

Test Containers

This article from Jonathan Vila guides us on how to do an end to end test with Testcontainers on an application that uses different components as Spring Boot, Apache Camel, Kafka, ActiveMQ, and more.


Learning Books in 2020

Javinpaul wrote recently an article with his suggestion of 21 Books Java Developers Should Read in 2020.


You Don’t Need Microservices

There’s no silver bullet that can resolve all of our problems. And maybe you don’t need microservices at all. In this video from Elder Moraes, he discusses reasons not to use microservices.


11 Reasons Why You Are Going To Fail With Microservices

Yes, here we are again showing that you can fail with Microservices. This article from Shekar Gulati he lists 11 Reasons Why You Are Going To Fail With Microservices.


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