Weekend Reading List #86 – Week of 8/23

Hello and welcome to the weekend reading list edition #86.


I hope you are having a great (and safe) summer. Do you know that you can watch on the NYJavaSIG YouTube channel thousands of hours of content from previous sessions? All kinds of content, your favorite speakers one click away from you. Since you’re visiting the channel, go on and hit the “Subscribe” button. Don’t forget to follow NYJavaSIG on Twitter to be notified of future events and maybe be one of the lucky winners of our raffles. Talking about events, September 22nd will be our next event. More details soon.

The Missing Java Data Structures – Part3

In the third part of the article from Don Raab about missing Java data structures, he discusses primitive collection in EclipseCollections, the downside of boxing/unboxing, and the memory cost that it brings.

Java Object Layout (JOL)

If you read the article above from Don Raab, you saw that he used JOL to generate the memory footprint from Java and EclipseCollections. The project website defines JOL as:

JOL (Java Object Layout) is the tiny toolbox to analyze object layout in JVMs. These tools use Unsafe, JVMTI, and Serviceability Agent (SA) heavily to decode the actual object layout, footprint, and references. This makes JOL much more accurate than other tools relying on heap dumps, specification assumptions, etc.

Absolute Value

Tagir Valeev discusses the complexity involved in calculating an absolute value in Java.

Q&A With Java Architects

Check out the article from Alan Zeichick with four Java Architects (Mark Reinhold, Brian Goetz, Mikael Vidstedt, and Ron Pressler) about the foundation work that Loom, Panama, and Valhalla are doing.

Artigos em Português (PT-BR)

Java + Angular

Tem novidade no canal da Loiane Groner. É o curso de CRUD com Angular e Spring e o primeiro vídeo já está disponível no canal da Loiane no YouTube.

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