Weekend Reading List #70 – Week of 4/26

Welcome to edition #70. I hope you enjoy it!


Save the date. The next NYJavaSIG meeting is on May 13th on JBang, a better way to run Java applications, with Max Andersen.

I hope you enjoyed the Practical Introduction to FXGL talk by Almas Baimagambetov at the NYJavaSIG. If you missed it, you could watch the recording on the NYJavaSIG YouTube channel.

NoSQL, the Cloud, and Java

Read the analysis from Otávio Santana about Java frameworks and the trade-offs to deal with NoSQL.

InfoQ Trends

Read the InfoQ Software Architecture And Design Trends Report from
April by Thomas Betts, Holly Cummins, Eran Stiller, and Daniel Bryant.

Kafka Visualization

The Kafka visualization from SoftwareMill is an excellent tool. It lets you visualize the data in Kafka. Choose the number of partitions, nodes, replication factor, and see how the data flow.

Data Science

Learn about Data Science on the JVM with Kotlin and Zeppelin in the article from Pratik Patel.

If you want to see your article featured here, reach out to me on Twitter or here on the blog.


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