Weekend Reading List #67 – Week of 4/5

Welcome to edition #67. I hope you enjoy it!


The NYJavaSIG had a super interesting event with Frank Liu, creator of Deep Java Library (DJL), an open-source library to develop Deep Learning models in Java. You can view the presentation on YouTube.

Later in April, we’ll have a presentation about FXGL Game engine. Stay tuned.


On edition #63 I mentioned a podcast from Julia Boes and Chris Hegarty about Record Serialization. They also decided to write an article on the same theme. You can read it here.

Project Lilliput

The goal of this project is to explore techniques to downsize Java object headers in the Hotspot JVM from 128 bits to 64 bits or less, reducing Java’s memory footprint. More information at https://openjdk.java.net/projects/lilliput/.

Java In The Financial Industry

Java was always an important player in the financial industry for sure, but does the recent changes to the language make the language even more attractive? This is the topic of the article from Alexa Morales to the Java Magazine.

Java 2021 – Frameworks and Trends

The new trend of reflectionless frameworks and their impact on architecture is the main subject of the article from Otávio Santana to DZone.

Troubleshooting Native Memory Leaks

Very interesting and detailed article from Poonam Parhar on how to troubleshoot native memory leaks in Java – Thanks you Sergio Lopes for sharing it on Twitter.

Java $25USD Certification – Expiring soon

Oracle is doing a big promotion to celebrate Java’s 25th anniversary. You can take the certification test for $25USD at Oracle’s website. If you’re looking for material to study, I recommend the certification books from Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff.

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Artigos em Português (PT-BR)

Microsoft Anuncia Sua Distribuição Java

Eu duvido que alguém pudesse imaginar há 10 anos atrás que a Microsoft teria sua própria distribuição do Java. Mas o mundo da voltas e foi exatamente isso que aconteceu essa semana. Pra saber mais, dá uma lida no artigo do Sandro Giacomozzi.

Ainda nesse assunto temos que agradecer ao Bruno Borges pelo espaço que ele abriu para o Java na Microsoft. Mais um Brasileiro fazendo sucesso no exterior.

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