Weekend Reading List #65 – Week of 3/22

Welcome to edition #65. I hope you enjoy it!


The NYJavaSIG will have a busy April. On April 7th, we’ll present about Deep Java Library (DJL). Later in the month, the topic will be FXGL Game engine. Stay tuned for the announcements and registration.


New podcast created by Bruno Borges and Andres Almiray about Java. Episode 0 talks about Java 16, Lombok, Gradle, and more. Check out the ZeroXCafe episode here.

Microservices and Helidon

In an interview to the Oracle Groundbreakers PodcastDmitry Alexandrov talks about Java, Microservices, Helidon and his experience with Java User Groups, and running conferences.

Another great video from Rafael Del Nero, this time about Java Streams where he covers Intermediate and Terminal Operators, iterate, filter, and peek.

Java 16 Code Katas

Do you want to improve your Java skills? Why not try this series of Katas upgraded to Java 16? Bonus: you will also enhance your knowledge of Eclipse Collections.

Java $25USD Certification Until April

Oracle is doing a big promotion to celebrate Java’s 25th anniversary. You can take the certification test for $25USD at Oracle’s website. If you’re looking for material to study, I recommend the certification books from Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff.

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Java 16

Artigo da Oracle com tudo que você precisa saber sobre o lançamento do Java 16.

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