Weekend Reading List #59 – Week of 2/8

Welcome to edition #59 of the Weekend reading list with suggestions for your weekend read.

NYJavaSIG events

Yesterday, Juan Fumero presented Transparent Heterogeneous Computing for Java via TornadoVM to the NYJavaSIG members. The recording can be seen on YouTube.


The Unsafe Class

Article from Ben Evans to the Oracle magazine about the “state” of the Unsafe class


Why Namespacing Matter?

Hopefully, you have followed the article from Alex Birsan, where he could hack into 35+ companies by uploading malicious packages to the nom registry. With that said, Brian Fox explains why namespacing matters and how it can protect you against the same type of attack.



How To Implement Automatic Database Updates By Integrating Liquibase is a recent article from Thorben Janssen. Are you using Liquibase or any other tool to manage DB versioning?



Many frameworks are decreasing the use of reflection in exchange for faster start-up and lower memory footprint. In the same line, Otávio Santana writes about this new trend in the Java world in his most recent article.

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Artículos en Español (ES)


Cliente Rest Typesafe Java con MicroProfile, GraalVM Native y Kubernetes

Video de la serie MicroProfile de Victor Orozco sobre MicroProfile Rest Client para la creación de clientes REST Typesafe.


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