Weekend Reading List #54 – Week of 1/4

Happy New Year

First post of 2021. Looking forward to more interactions with you over the year.

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NYJavaSIG event

The NYJavaSIG kicked off 2021 with an amazing event with the great Venkat Subramaniam. His presentation “Type Inference: Friend or Foe” was a big success.


Managing Source Code Branches

In this article, Martin Fowler details patterns for managing source code branches.


2021 Java Developer Roadmap

The Java developer roadmap is a great article from Javin Paul that can help you focus on what to learn in 2021


Managing Distributed System Failures

How to avoid cascading failures in distributed systems was written by Laura Nolan and presents the complexity, anti-patterns, and how to reduce risk.



An interesting discussion on Twitter and Reddit was initiated by Bruce Eckel about his issues with Gradle. What do you think?



What’s new in MicroProfile 4.0, written by Michael Redlich, has everything you need to know about the new MicroProfile version.



Você tem sugestão de artigos em Português? Gostaria de ver seu artigo divulgado aqui no blog? Envie sua sugestão pelo Twitter ou pelo blog.



O básico de APIs RESTful é uma série da Jéssica Félix, com 2 artigos até o momento, onde ela explica de uma forma bem simples os conceitos de REST.


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