Weekend Reading List #48 – Week of 11/23

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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NYJavaSIG event

The next NYJavaSIG event will happen on December 15th with Nate Schutta on Evolving to Cloud Native. Stay tuned for updates.


Native Applications from a JavaFX Project

This article from Frank Delporte explains how to build Native Applications for Multiple Devices from a Single JavaFX Project with Gluon Mobile and GitHub Actions


Architecting Java Application in the Cloud

Presentation from Otávio Santana and Karina Varela on Architecting and delivering Java applications in the cloud era


Apache Kafka Basics

Tim Berglund teaches in 63 minutes, the basics of Apache Kafka.


Java Community And Your Career

Read the article from Neha Sardana on how the Java community have been helping her career




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Falando sobre JIT Compiler

O João Victor Martins escreveu sobre o JIT compiler. Se você quer entender como ele funciona, dá uma olhada nesse artigo.


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