Weekend Reading List #41 – Week of 10/5

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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NYJavaSIG event

NYJavaSIG hosted a fantastic event with Josh Long, where he presented the RSocket Revolution. The recording of the presentation is available on the NYJavaSig YouTube channel.


Eclipse Collections 10.4 – The Unplanned Release

This is an amazing story and shows the power of the open-source community and the benefits of the outreach program. The Eclipse Collections leader Nikhil Nanivadekar details why the team had to do two releases within the same month. This post from Stuart Marks has more details on the same.


Concurrent Garbage Collectors

Video form Monica Beckwith from the JetBrains Technology Day where she compares the G1, Shenandoah, and Z GC.


How To Build Your Career As An IT Architect

Want to become a software architect? Kevin Casey describes a few steps that he believes will help you in your path to becoming an architect. The article can be read here.


How the HotSpot and Graal JVMs execute Java Code

Video from James Gough to QCon London




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