Weekend Reading List #38 – Week of 9/14

The NYJavaSIG will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. You can still register for an epic event on September 23rd.

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NYJavaSIG 25th Anniversary

Reserve the date. The NYJavaSIG will host an amazing event on September 23rd to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The group was founded in 1995 by Frank Greco and it’s the oldest JUG in the world. The guests are 4 of the most important people from the Java community:

  • Sharat Chander – Leader of Java developer outreach program
  • Brian Goetz – Java language architect
  • James Gosling – Father of Java
  • Venkat Subramanian – Prof at Univ of Houston and mentor/instructor without peer

You can register now on the NYJavaSIG website. If you have a question to any of the panelists you can send to the NYJavaSIG Twitter account


Exception Handling on Eclipse Collections

Another article from Donald Raab where he presents different strategies for error handling in Eclipse Collections


How 4 lines of Java code end up in 518772 lines in production?

Brian Vermeer created a simple Spring Boot application from the Spring Initilizr and added 4 lines of code. The result? 518,772 lines of code. How? You can read more about it in this article.


Java 15

Great article explaining some of the changes of Java 15 form Mala Gupta



This video from Dev Nation Tech Talk introduces jbang where Max Andersen demonstrates how you can use to build Java applications that can run as a script.



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Dicas Para Quem Está Começando

Esse vídeo bem legal do Gabriel Froes e da Vanessa Fróes traz um compilado de dicas pra você que está começando sua carreira de programador


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