Weekend Reading List #30 – Week of 7/20

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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Java and AWS

The NYJavaSIG hosted an event with Mike Roberts on July 20th to talk about AWS Lambda. The recording of the presentation can be seen at the NYJavaSIG YouTube channel.



Siva wrote a series of articles to talk about Microservices. It includes Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Config, service registry and discovery, and more.


HTTP Requests

The last article from Matthew Gilliard discusses 5 ways to make an HTTP request in Java. He demonstrates using HttpURLConnection, HttpClient, ApacheHttpClient, OkHttp and Retrofit



One of the most expected features in Java is Fibers from project Loom. Check this article from Bela Ban where he compares the performance of Java 11 and Java 16 with virtual threads. The performance on Java 16 was almost 100% superior when compared to Java 11.


Are SQL Databases Really Slow?

Gerald Venzl proves that they don’t need to be. His article confronts this myth and shows that it’s possible to achieve high performance on SQL DB.



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Estrutura de Dados e Algoritmos em Java

Elder Moraes e a Ana Beatriz bateram um papo e discutiram sobre estrutura de dados e algoritmos em Java. O vídeo dessa conversa tá disponível no YouTube



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