Weekend Reading List #28 – Week of 7/6

There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself – Roy T. Bennett

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Completable Future

The NYJavaSIG group hosted a live hand-on workshop with the Java Champion Victor Grazi on July 7th. The recording, code examples are available at the NYJavaSIG Youtube channel.


Using Twilio and Spring Boot to Control Incoming Calls

This is a very nice article from Matthew Gilliard where he demos how to build a Spring Boot app that uses Twilio and Google Sheets to control which action to take when you have an incoming call. You can choose to block or forward the calls. The full article is available here.


ML in Java with Amazon DJL

Excellent article from many people involved in JSR-381 (VisRec API for Java), including Frank Greco and Zoran Sevarac. The article demonstrates how Java developers can use JSR-381 to implement image classification and object recognition.


What can you By with Eclipse Collections to save time?

Another interesting article from Don Raab. It shows how you can use different methods from Eclipse Collections that can save you time including countBy, groupBy, and groupByEach.


Database Migration with Spring Boot

Thorben Janssen explains how you can integrate Liquibase and Flyway to your Spring Boot application to version your database migration. The article is available here.



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Jakarta Security

Ótima série de artigos do Otávio Santana sobre Jakarta Security. No quarto artigo o tema abordado é JWT e OAuth.



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