Weekend Reading List – 8th ed

This week’s suggestion comes directly from Devnexus, one of the largest Java conferences in the world. If you’re at Devnexus stop by and say hi.

As always, send over your reading list, article or video if you want to see it featured here in the blog. You can reach me on Twitter or here on the blog.

RSocket and Spring Security

In the last edition of Spring Tips, Josh Long talks about RSocket and Spring Security.

Spring Boot and Kubernetes

In this video, Ray Tsang talks about Best Practices to Spring to Kubernetes Easier and Faster

On the same topic, this quick tutorial from Andrew Hughes teaches how to Build a Microservice Architecture with Spring Boot and Kubernetes

JakartaEE, Payara, Microprofile, and Docker

This one minute tutorial from Ivo Woltring demo how to build an application using JakartaEE 8 + Payara 5 + Microprofile 3 + Docker

Project Reactor and RabbitMQ

Another video suggestion from Marcial Rosales and Madhav Sathe discuss How to Build Reliable Streaming Pipelines with RabbitMQ and Project Reactor


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